Entertaining Welsey Shaw: Running from paparazzi, padlocking the garbage, and sipping lattes in Manhattan…

Her life is one big reality show: chased by paparazzi, stalked by fans, and surrounded by all sorts of people making decisions for her. She has to travel incognito; she locks her garbage and encrypts her messages, and she can never have friends in the “civilian” world. Now Hollywood megastar Welsey Shaw wonders just how life would be if she were an ordinary person with ordinary friends. So one day the superstar actress decides to find out. She picks a random place in the middle of New York to test what being “normal” is like. And that’s where she meets her exact opposite, Daniel Ferreira, the world’s most everyday guy. And so opposites attract—or at least become very curious about one another, and they keep contriving close encounters with each other, where they talk, argue, banter, and sometimes just sip lattes and stare at the rain. But should she even be trusting someone she knows so little about? Can stars ever let their guard down?
Entertaining Welsey Shaw looks at our love/hate relationship with celebrities, the quest for fame and our obsession with it. It’s fast and funny, rich in character and atmosphere, with a surprising ending. It’s about two types of people who normally never meet—and what happens after they do.


John Grabowski grew up on the east coast, has traveled around Europe and now calls Northern California home. He has worked in PR, advertising, and radio and television news, where he’s encountered a few celebrities himself. When not writing, he enjoys travel, gourmet coffee, jazz, classical music, and pushing that little button that makes the rear sunshade on his car go up and down. Entertaining Welsey Shaw is his first novel. spacer1